Newbie to the Boards


Mar 21, 2008
Hola chicos y chicas.... I am a newbie to the boards and a recent newbie to BsAs. I will be spending the next year or two between BsAs and Miami (currently in BsAs). I'm a 30 yr old (in a relationship) gringo and I run my own design shop ( and electronic dance music group ( - I am a DJ/Novice Producer. I am interested in meeting others down here for work, play or anything in between. Peak interests are futbol (I play - and itching to play somewhere fast!), getting together for drinks and dancing (I did mention I am a DJ right :)). Looking for some amigos y amigas to hang out with (I live in Palermo Soho/Hollywood - depending on where you draw the line), exchange thoughts on living abroad or just want to shoot the sh*t. I speak some spanish (some would quatify it as tarzan level - i personally think I am at least at toddler level) - but looking to improve on that as well. Hit me up via PM or email me at [email protected] (and before this sounds anymore like a personal ad...) I'm out.