Feb 13, 2009
:p Hello!

I'm somewhat new to BsAs- living in Palermo... having a hard time enjoying myself, I think because it's been really hard to meet people.

I'm originally from Charlotte, NC and I'm in Buenos Aires until April 2.

I would love to meet some nice people who are willing to show me around/hang out/ whatever!


I've just arrived in BsAs and although I just got in, I too have yet to meet anyone. I'm originally from Colorado and came down to teach English. The school that I'm working with set me up with an apartment in the Flores area.

Perhaps we can meet up for lunch or a drink!
HI this system rather strangely took my first post and changed its place to a newbie so Iguess I wil have to write a newbie hello

I am not a newbie but a newbie in this forumn, I am an expat living here for more than 30 years and have lived in many differnt arts of the city and exterior...Nowadays I am based in Martinez

SO HIgh!

But as I oruiginally posted I also if you would like am willing to show you a little of the city
Well I am not technically an ex-pat in Bs As but I used to travel back and forth for about two years between 2004-6 and havn't been back since. I am returning to Bs As in June for a month or so and am from Dublin, Ireland. My name is Conor.
Hi Fiorella! I know it must be hard for you to meet people here
well if you want we can meet, go out, etc
Im 20 and my name's Daiana =)
let me know if you're interested :)