NFL Ticket on DirecTV


Jul 30, 2008
Does anybody know if you can get the NFL Ticket package on DirecTV in Argentina. I know it is available in other Latin American countries but I'm not sure it is here.

I asked at a DirecTV booth at a shopping center but they were clueless about it.

Yes, its available, but far fewer game are offered each week during the regular season: usually three early afternoon and three late games, and the Red Zone channel as well. Monday Night Football is on ESPN. The playoffs are also on ESPN, but not all games are aired (especially in the first two weekends)...and some (including one conference championship game) have been shown by delayed broadcast in the wee small hours (well past midnight). Remember, futbol is more important here.To top it all off...the Superbowl is on Fox, and only in Spanish with NO English language option.
Everything Steve posted is accurate. As a bar owner I carry the Dirsct TV sports packages and show the pay per view sporting events. During the NBA Championship we could not get all the games. Furthermore many of the sports channels listings will not be broadcast, often being with futbol/soccer.
I would recommend that if you are a major sports fan to look into either Channelsurfing or have someone set you up with Sling box. We will have Sling box set-up prior to the football season to insure we can show all the games available.
Thanks for your replies! It seems like Johnny's bar is a good place to catch some games. Can you please tell me where's the bar located?