No more get-togethers??


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Invite some hot women.
I guess this was the phrase that brought some members to a conclusion that the majority of people here is not from US or "Europ", but Argentines. I do not quite follow the logic here. However, for people with a refined sense of political correctness, it may be more evident.

Well, let's take a couple of threads from the main page:

Question for Americans:Voting?
Democrats In Argentina - Group Forming

Try to make a guess what country people participating in these threads are from.

Argentines are welcome on this forum. And this is not going to change. At the same time, the vast majority of people here are foreigners or people who spent significant part of their lives outside of Argentina.


Hehe mercy! I wrote "Europ" as a kind of typo (I guess I didn't press the "E" as strong as I should have). I read about that continent before, I swear I know how to write it correctly :)
I promise to re-read my posts before sending them. When I saw the mistake I made some minutes had already passed, so the "edit" option was not there anymore. Because of that now I look like an analphabet.

About the nationality thing, to make sure we are sinchronized I would like to say some words about it. I will talk about what I personally meant by what I wrote.

I meant by what I wrote (in my non native English language words, sorry about that) that, in the US and in certain parts of Europe, people are much more careful with this kind of comments. People are more sensitive to things like that, discrimination, machism, etc. They have a different concept about personal space compared to the way people from latin societies handle it. Whithin personal space I include phisical distance as well as social codes. For example, here guys kiss each other hi and goodbye, sometimes you do that even with people you are just meeting for the first time. Would you do that in the US? No way. Same thing with other stuff you can say here and you can't say there. We are just different, we grew up in different environments so we have different codes. That's a fact.

In Argentina, a sentence like that can sound funny and the one who says that may have no other hidden intentions. In some countries after a sentence like that one woman can get offended for being taken as an object. No matter what was the intention of the person who wrote it or how hard they try to explain that they didn't mean to offend anybody they could really get into trouble. I already heard many stories about that.

Something I learnt after hanging out with people from everywhere for a long time was to keep in mind that we all come from different cultures with different codes, so I always (try to) behave politically correct to prevent someone from feeling uncomfortable. I just thought that someone here in the forum could have felt a bit annoyed by that sentence and I was surprised because I didn't expect in an international forum like this to read something like that. That's it. I didn't mean to play here any role of power of any kind. Each of us are free to do and say whatever they want. See that I didn't say "don't do that again". I just pointed out what I thought about it. I am not a moderator and I am not interested on that role in any way!

I also didn't say at all that a sentence like that can come only from someone not from the US or Europe. I don't even know where the person who wrote it is from, and I don't care honestly. I don't like to assign stereotypes to anyone and I don't even have the authority to do so and it is also totally against my personal code of conduct.

Said that, I go to bed fellows. I am here just to try to make possitive contributions to the community. Nothing else. To enjoy, to be friendly, to interact in the best way I can. And I will be really happy if I can accomplish that. I am here to enjoy and not to have arguments with anyone. You are able to tell that in the way I write. Remember that written text lacks of body language and voice intonation, so let's try to think well and we will all be happier!

Peace. Good night.

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Welcome back veggie_pab. I’ve been living in and out of Argentina since early 2002, and I also remember the days when this forum was a lot more interactive and vibrant. Definitely, there are far fewer expats than back in the day, but I would also say that exactly what happened with your original post is why not much happens here anymore, in person or otherwise...your original question got picked apart and the topic got hijacked until you got defensive and pretty much dropped your idea to get expats together more. It’s too bad because this site used to be very helpful, and it still can be when everyone chills out and lets the actual topic get answered.


You are right mmoon.... I should have just let it go right? I was not smart at all. Lesson learnt.

I agree with you. Let's try something: Admin, could you please delete all the posts between the original one and this one? C'mon make an exception :)

Nice to hear that I am not alone and someone else also remembers the good times around here.
I really hope we can bring back at least some of all that.......

Rich One

No aclares pq oscurece..... ! Non native US born members are always welcome on this Forum as the Admin indicates. hope the Admin does not ban you altogether. :rolleyes:


Is it me? Should I take English classes? Where do you get that from Rich? From what I wrote?
Is this a strategy to distract people from the original idea of this post?
Are you trying to test my patience?
Are some of you trolls?
Should I consider that this world is lost and just run away from here?
Should I stand all these attacks without taking it personally waiting for the Apocalypse to come and apply divine justice?

You know. I guess I will just go for number 5 and that's it. I don't feel comfortable here. Sorry.

Sad that I came here with possitive ideas and I just received a bunch of negative posts (among other possitive posts of course, thanks for that).

End of communication. Have fun bullyng other people. Well done.