No One Wants To Receive Money Transfers


Latest update. Since my posting last night here, My Xoom app is now showing my money is ready to pick up. I am sure its just coincidence.


Xoom sounds like a good option for people with US bank accounts, as the last I knew, the Argentine government was blocking many Paypal transfers. If using Xoom, I highly recommend not indicating that any type of 3rd party is involved. The first problem I had was when I had a friend with a US bank account try to Xoom money to Argentina on my behalf. When he told Xoom this on the telephone, Xoom stopped the transaction. The second problem was when I tried to Xoom money to my property manager in Argentina. I stated to Xoom that I was wiring money to him so that he could pay a bill for me. That was considered using a third party, so again Xoom stopped the transaction. Fortunately, I now understand that my Argentine bank will allow me to wire money into my account from abroad (fingers crossed!!).