Notary fee


Jun 6, 2005
(reposted)I need to get some documents notarized. I tried the US Embassy. They want U$S 30 fee. Is there a reliable notary service in BA?
If you just need them notarized, the easiest way is to go to Tribunales. There are a lot of "Escribano en acto" signs nearby. If you need to notarize them in some special way, then it is a different story. I can imagine that some places in the States may only recognize legalization made by US notary or may accept only documents that are apostilled.
Thank you for the reply. I would guess I'll need a notarizing recognizable to US persons. Any suggestions? Or am I stuck with the US Emvbassy? [email protected]
Thanks for your reply. Guess I'll pay the USA embassy fee. I feel better it to them than to an Iraq government of a previous USA though. I, like many persons, fear Bush as president. Not sure if his actions will increase or decrease terroism. Do know, he has turned most of the world against himself. I find people I meet are against Bush, strangly, not against the USA. Thanks for your help.
You can have a document notarized and apostilled in Colegio de Escribanos for 59 pesos