number of tourists to Argentina

Actually, starting at the end of last year, there is a direct flight from Los Angeles to BA. Thats a great thing for me, as I live in the PNW in the USA, and it usually takes me at least 24 hours, door to door.
which airline is that ? Thanks
Number of tourists that visiting Argentina has been steady up over the recent year, from 5.5m in 2010 to 6.6m in 2017.
That's not bad. If you are in hotel business or have a few airbnb units in Argentina, this number is quite small for
a country of this size, compared to visitor number of:

France -- 83m
Spain -- 76m
Italy -- 56 m
Greece -- 33m in 2018

(US 76m, China 60m Germany 36m Mexico)

Surprised that France is ahead of Spain...! Is Argentina prepared to receive 5 MM tourists?


Sorry ERROR I meant 55 MM tourists
considering there are only about 44 million residents in the entire country, my feeling is that more than one tourist for every citizen would, indeed, be a bit of a problem.

Iceland does get more tourists every year than they have people- but they only have 320,000 people. Handling 2 million or so tourists, however, is not the same as 55 million.
Croatia and Hungary both get more tourists than they have population, and have built an economy that is very largely based on serving tourists. Croatia has around 5 million people, and 18 million tourists a year- but they mostly go to the beach, to tourist hotels, not to the actual cities the main population lives in.
Argentina is a stunning country and with huge variety of sceneries . The issue is that due to it being so far away from the rest of the world it will never reach the tourism numbers of Europe or Asia . The best bet is attracting Brazilian tourists as they have 200 million people of these 20% could afford a trip to Argentina . The key is to make them repeat customers and I feel that the services provided in Hotels , shops and restaurants must be improved as Brazil service industry is superior to Argentina . A country that we can learn from is Peru where service to tourists is exemplary and this is reflected with now higher international tourists numbers than Argentina with also a much higher repeat rate .