Oh Babyyy - Mothers/soon To Be Moms, Please Help!

Hi my name is Conor , just moved and started treatments here in Olivos .. I am a practitioner with Biodynamic Cranial Sacral.
Have assisted many women during pregnancy and helped beautiful babies after difficult traumatic labors .
I cannot thank you all so much for your help! This process is confusing enough - even more-so when you don't speak the language and your husband needs to translate everything so I really really appreciate your guidance!

Hey DGonzalez, first of all congrats!! Assuming you have a newborn by now. I am entering my second trimester and on the hunt for an obstetrician this week, I just searched "giving birth" and this post came up - all doctors I have spoken to immediately suggest Austral when I say I want a doula and parto respetado/humanizado or the closest thing possible to a home or water birth in Argentina, where I am told these things do not exist. I was wondering, did you deliver at Austral or where did you go in the end? If you are willing to share, I would SO appreciate it. I am fluent in Spanish with OSDE 310 and a porteño husband, but still a foreigner and still new here and this is my first pregnancy. All details and recs and firsthand experience highly appreciated!!!