olympic winter games


Feb 11, 2010
hello all,

i would like to know whether it would be posible to watch ice skating in a bar, and if so where, since its not very popular here.

thanks for suggestions!
Can anyone help us find the sites that show the Olympics? The official NBC site is only for US and Canda...
find somebody with a sat.dish... I get 3 channels of games.... olim channel....some in english some in spanish...

I doubt ice skating in a bar is going to happen...unless you find a empty bar and ask for them to find it..... as you say it isnt popular
OK - Well, the local ESPN channel is covering the Olympics on ordinary TV.

As for alternatives, well, you could always use Overplay, and make your PC pretend to be in the US, or Canada, or the UK - as the BBC are covering he Olympics on line.

As for a Bar - Unlikely, if it ain't football, it won't be on!


There's a few live feeds on there. They'll go down every few minutes but just refresh the screen and you can keep watching. A couple of times they've shut the server down but he's back on again at another address in a few minutes.

Last night Justin TV had an english feed on, sometimes it's in Danish, Italian, German, it depends on where he's picking up the feed from, but the images all seem to come from the same source anyway.
Just wanted to let everyone know there's great coverage online here too:


You can choose a channel to watch of whatever's on live, commentary is in Spanish. I'm switching between Canada / Switz Curling and Women's 1500 Speedskating right now... to be followed with hockey.. yikes, how Canadian am i?