Ana Berger

Jun 1, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I like to have delivered some wine to friends in Buenos Aires. I checked the internet but could not find an online wine store. Hopefully this is due to a lack of Spanish language! Anyone has a suggestion?

You are outside Argentina yes? Many shops and businesses in Buenos Aires will deliver goods if you ask them to. If you are in Buenos Aires just go in and ask them. Otherwise, one way to locate one of those businesses would be to use Yellow Pages on the internet:

Under the tab for businesses (Empresas) Search (Buscar) for Vino

Narrow the search down (Acotar tu busqueda) by location (lugar) and select the location nearest to your friends

Many of the businesses you see there will offer a phone number, an e-mail address or a web site but when you contact them don't expect them to read or speak English. Choose the medium with which you are most comfortable. If your Spanish is not up to scratch, ask a friend to help you. If that is not practical then perhaps you might find a business with an easy order form on their web site (Google language tools can help with this) or you could send them an e-mail. If you don't write in Spanish, my advice would be to write the subject in Spanish - something like quiero comprar vino - and write the rest of your message in short, simple, clear English. By all means use an internet translation engine to understand their reply but do not use one to send outgoing messages. Trust me, it will be a mess. Far safer to let them find a translation at their end.

One other thing. Argentina is one of the World's great wine producers so don't expect to find many US, European or Australian wines on offer - any more than you would expect to find foreign wines on sale in France.
Whenever I want to have a gift delivered to friends in Buenos Aires, I use a website called They have some nice gift packages...breakfast on a tray, wine, etc. It's not cheap but they always deliver on-time and their presentation is very nice.
I always go to 0800-VINO for all of my wine needs, but that's because I've always had a good times at the wine tastings there and Nigel is a righteous dude. If you can't understand the website, I'm sure Nigel would be willing to help you out. And with a name like Nigel, you would be correct in assuming that he speaks English. (In fact, he IS English... but he's also a sommelier.


Delivery is free if you order over ~AR$85-ish worth wine. They'll let you know.
credit cards will often block a charge to places in south america unless you specifically call your card and let them know that you will be charging something in argentina or ? i do this for all visits to any foreign country now as its hell to have your cards shut down on you when you are travelling.
We live in Puerto Madero just down the street from a lovely shop called Winery. They have several locations throughout Buenos Aires. If you check out their website:
you will see they have a little icon for delivery. You may be able to call in the order over the phone. I can go in today and ask as well for you, find out if they have someone that speaks English that could take your order. Will let you know what I find out.