Orange Juice


Jun 18, 2005
Ive havent been following the threads lately, but a few weeks ago?? someone was talking about orange juice and an argentine suggested the brand Citric. she described how it was pure orange juice squeezed from 16 oranges etc. i said id try it and have been drinking it for the past few weeks.
Its just my humble opinion, the opinion of one person.....ME, but its more of an orange aid as a friend described it recently. To my palate, its not pure orange juice at all, but has chemicals and perhaps art. sweetner. a cheap, low quality drink.
So, in my opinion its a lie. its amazing the longer you live in argentina you realize how many lies they live with. Lies that make life pleasant, like the water is healthy to drink when it comes out of the river that the govt. turns a blind eye to and permits horrible pollution in. But if the water was contaminated, the govt. wouldnt permit us to drink it, the pleasant lie goes.
Well, ive digressed. Citric orange juice isnt pure juice, isnt premium at all IMHO. Id squeeze it myself, but can never count on the consistency of the oranges at the stands. Consistency!!!! does anyone know where i can find that, thats really what im looking for.
I have to agree with you Jerry regards to the orange juice on offer in Buenos Aires . It is very poor quality and mostly water.
I am a great lover of Pineapple and Cocunut juice something that is impossible to obtain in Argentina