ordering books from Amazon


Jul 24, 2007
anyone done this and received books ok here in BA? I know I will probably have to pick up at the Retiro postal depot which is absolutely painful and such an archaic system.
The postal service here is unreliable at best, but i think Amazon have good insurance on their postage. Most other postal order services i wouldnt trust to receive them here in Argentina (depends on your luck i suppose), but I'm hoping others have had good experiences with Amazon here. cheers,tim.
I've ordered from amazon, no problems. The books arrived at the house a few days later completely intact. I paid for the slightly faster service, which i think helped.
Yes, I did the same. Not the super fast shipping. The 7 to 10 business day which was about 25usd for two books. But they arrived safely within the time frame.
The books actually arrived at your home, not at the int'l post office?
Yes, the books were delivered to my home, no problems.
Wait a minute....you can order books on Amazon and have them delivered at home? I was told by Argentines (of course) that they would have to go through customs, etc and that it just wasn't worth it. So you just order online and have an international delivery and put your local Argentine address in the billing information?
We, as locals can have goods shipped directly to our front door up to a yearly accumulated value of USD 25,-. Everything else goes through customs. It's ridiculous, I know...
I hope this helps,CheersErnie