I went to Ceviche but almost a year ago. The ceviche was really good and I liked the pisco sours, but several pisco sours ran the bill up pretty quickly...
Ryoga said:
is it just me or is Osaka just not good anymore? back in April/May it was divine, and now its just not worth it.

status uses shark, so im not too fond of that place

has anyone been to Sipan, Contigo Peru, o Ceviche?

Contigo Peru is OK, although noisy when busy, which is most nights.
I found a place I prefer just around the corner:
Olazábal 1679
Tel: 4784-9167

Several different types of ceviche, good service and nicer ambience!


I'm still a big fan of Osaka and it has always kept up the quality IMHO.

I went to "To Sushi" too and it was pretty good, but I didn't think it was quite as good as Osaka.
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