fred mertz

Jun 11, 2009
Years ago in San Francisco when I had more time than money, I had dental work done at a local dental university. An elderly friend of mine needs extensive dental work done and is not pleased at the prices she was given by several dentists. She is an Argentine citizen whose medical insurance doesn´t cover dental procedures. Does anyone know about having work done at a dental school in BA?
I used the Buenos Aires dental school. It's on Marcelo T de Alvear (between Uriburu and Azcuenaga I think) It's a huge building saying Faultad de Odontologia and Guardia 24 hours. (Right next to the Facultad de Medicina) I had to wait a long time, but they did the work and it was fine. Of course it's students, but in my case they were supervised, so I was happy enough with it. Like all public health services, the building was old and unattractive, but the dental work was fine. I don't have medical insurance so I use the public hospitals when needed too.