Overstayed Tourist Visa


Jan 7, 2014
Hey guys just a quick question. I've been in Argentina for a few years now but I'm moving back home in a few days, and at the moment my tourist visa is expired. The last time I left the country with an expired tourist visa was a year and a half ago and I had to pay a fee of 300 pesos in the airport before they would stamp my passport, and I just wanted to see if anyone knows what the fee is now, has it gone up, or is it still 300?

I want to spend all my pesos before I leave since they're not really of much use back home haha.
The overstay fee is now $600, but you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY IT before you leave.

You can INSIST on NOT paying.

You just won't be let back in the next time you return (if there is a next time) unless you have paid it on line before your arrival or pay with a credit card if and when you return.
Ok awesome, thanks for letting me know! I'll probably just pay the 600 pesos, I'd like to come back here at some point in the future.