Owner cancelling rental contract


In CABA, evicting a tenant legally is very difficult....even if they are behind on the rent and bldg dues, is a nuisance to the neighbors, etc. The legal procedure must be initiated by the owner of the unit. It could take at least 3 years for a resolution and if they have minors or a disabled person living with them....who knows? A decent lawyer usually recommends that the owner pay the tenant off to abandon the premises. And then start proceedings against the guarantor(s) to collect back delinquent rent.
Thanks. Is there anything written in the lease which must be there for this to be respected?


I received a phone call today saying the owners of my apartment won’t be renewing the contract when the current one ends in November. That’s fine, of course.

My wife owns a house that we currently rent. The obvious solution would be to move into this house. However, is it possible for an owner to cancel a rental contract before the end of the term? The contract of the family in the house will end next April.
You cannot terminate your tenant's contract ahead of time, but you can try to reach an agreement.

Rich One

Eight years ago a tenant in my former Building in Recoleta, stopped paying rent for six months he couldn't be evicted he was "officially" handicapped . He asked the landlord for US$5,000 to vacate the premises inmediately ..!

Run into him later downtown , he mentioned was living in a fancy 4 star Hotel on Suipacha St. he paid a years rental in advance...! Room daily cleaning service, sheets, towels, amenities and breakfast included...