paddys day in buenos aires


Feb 28, 2010
any other irish out there want to meet up for paddys day also any suggestions on where to go or what to do
You can go to almost any bar/restaurant because they all want a piece of the action. The 'real' Irish pubs are Shamrock and Kilkenny
there,ll be 30,000 people in the streets outside kilkenny so be careful
Do you all have the address for Kilkenny? I myself am one of the Irish men ready to Kill some beers on this special occasion. I think Shamrock has kind of lost it's luster with me because of been over there so many times, so Kilkenny would be a nice change of pace. Thanks for your help!
Seriously - Don't go the Kilkenny that night - There will be massive queues, the doormen can get shirty, and most of the others around will be Argentine getting hammered..... There was a parade last year, and I am endeavouring to find out exactly what is being planned this year - Will post as soon as I have detaiuls - Formal, or informal ....
Go a couple of times to Kilkenny and talk to the doormen, they will let you in then at Paddy's day
dubliners irish pub in palermo hollywood....
Van las canitas , Kilkenny..., Shamrock,
but the expat places are always good for st pats.... Alamo, casa bar...etc....

just bar hop.....

If anybody wants to go out early( like 5pm-9pm) for some drinks.. tell me I will meet someone in soho or serrano for a few drinks for st pats!!!!
I might start at dubliners.... on humboldt... cheers.....
There's a free drink in Sugar if you can prove you're Irish! Top shelf, whatever. Talk to Keith, he's one of the new owners and Irish himself.