Pagomicuentas for AFIP aduana package at Retiro


Anyone have recent experience paying for and picking up packages from Retiro Correoargentino from Europe using a Nuevo VEP and Pagomicuentas or Link? I don't have a bank account here and a friend that has a Pagomicuentas account has been unable to pay for my package using my case number and my CUIT number.



Take the telegram you received from the post office to Aduanas where you will pay the charge for your package. I had the same problem -- no local bank account to make advance payment. It doesn't matter. You'll end up paying the DECLARED VALUE of the item in pesos. It's a ripoff because they get away with it.

A friend sent chocolate from Scotland that I never picked up. A magazine sent me a free DVD from the US that I ended up paying 100 pesos for (the value). I have told friends not to send me anything. The only packages that the post office delivers are magazines.

Prepare yourself with a good book and water. You will be waiting hours at the post office as the process moves very slowly. Hundreds of people are in the same situation.