Patio Thames -- a great cafe


Jun 9, 2008
This is just an announcement to share with you all a lovely little place I have come to love: Patio Thames, on Thames between Honduras and El Salvador (on the corner of Pasaje Santa Rosa). It is a large, airy place (not sure how cold it might get in winter months). They have delicious cakes, yummy picadas (I haven't tried the other food yet), really good wifi, spacious tables, two large HD TVs, plugs for the computer (the slanty 3-prong kind but you can ask for a zapatilla or extension cord that has the two round ones), and is generally fairly empty-- which is why I am posting this as I don't want them to go under or suffer. If you like mate, they have a full service set for you to drink with your cake selection or homemade crackers. Yum!

Additionally, I am here right now (Sunday night) and they have a lovely musician playing some great classical music on the keyboard. Perfect!
Tuesday - Friday from 12 noon on, so probably to around 10 or 11pm (she didn't give me a specific time). They used to not be open Sundays, but they've given it over to be closed Mondays instead.
I think that I walked passed that place a month+ ago on a Saturday maybe. Nice place. I'd never seen it. Patio & Rooftop Terrazas are the way food & bevs should be consumed if possible.
Tez.. you should set up a little meet up- happy hour so we can all drop by and check it out... do they serve beer or just mate hehehehe