perfect dog needs home with yard or like


Aug 2, 2006
I have an 8 year old dog. Great with kids, cats, all other animals and people. Full of life and love, Very well trained and smart. Shes a staffordshire terrier mix and is diabetic. She only needs one shot every 24 hours and i would be willing to cover the costs of insulin if i can find her a perfect home. I am a student and living in a small apartment and as much as i love my dog i want her to be happy and live a full life.(she is from the US) in a stable place. She is not happy with me and my current position and my situation will not change for a while. If anyone would be wiling to give her a home i would be forever grateful. Here are some photos of her. . The only thing i ask is that I can come visit her a few times before i leave Argentina in a few months. I want to see that shes happy and make my goodbye a slow one.
I didn't understand your post, is she some kind of terrier, or a pitbull, my walker (I own a cocker spaniel, Raimundo) might know somebody. But I know that he won't be willing to place nor to own any pitbull (he has had bad experiences.)
I will take a look at the pictures.
Happy Xmas.
Staffordshire Terrier AKC:,DVFC:1970--2,DVFC:en&q=staffordshire%20terrier&oe=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi Pitbull APBA: she's
a mix from a pound. Her look comes from one of these breeds, both
almost identicle both GREAT dogs with the right owner/ trainer.. which
i am. Bad dogs come from bad people and just as many rottweilers and
german shepherds have attacked people as pitbulls.. and all these
breeds are being banned wrongly due to peoples ignorance. I believe
breed fear is pretty much dog racism, like saying all black people will
rob you.. to be brutaly comparative. My dog has lived with babies,
bunnies, cats., horses , rats, etc and would never hurt anything and i
think living with her every day for 8 years should be proof enough.
Hello !
This breed of dogs is called "boxer" in Argentina. Why? haven't got the foggiest idea.
Anyway, I have two friends who had "boxers". They are energetic dogs when young, but they are completely harmless. Especially when it comes to children and pets of a weaker nature.
I love dogs, and have always heard that ¨boxer¨ dogs are always a child at heart, very playful, smart and absolutely harmless!V