permenant resident visa


Nov 19, 2009
Hola everyone.
I have a rentista visa and have lived here over three years.I contacted a lawyer in BA to do the work for me which is preety simple.I was shocked at the cost nearly uSd 1000 plus uSd240 for apolice certificate,which I get every year here in La Plata for about $6o(pesos).There are also extras for couriers and immigracion fees so I wonder if any of you know what the other lawyers charge for similar work(the ones on the thred).
Many thanks for any help....cuidate Daniel
I recently received my permanent resident visa (cambio de categoria from the visa rentista) at the prorrogas de permanencia sector of the office of migraciones in Puerto Madero.

In addition to paying the $600 peso fee, I had to present one (new) letter from my US bank which verified my continuing foreign income. The letter was notarized by a notary public at the same bank and received the seal of the Apostille from the Illinois Secretary of State (for less than $10 US). I also took all the original documents I had from the initial visa application as well as my Argentine bank statements for the past year.

I went to migraciones alone. It did require an extra trip as they had to retrieve my entire file from the archives, but otherwise it as just as easy as the previous renewals.

Why would you pay anyone to do it for you?