Personal Business & Travel Assistant


Mar 3, 2007
I am a 32 year old woman, Argentine, living in Buenos Aires.
I have had the chance to visit many countries in the world, in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe and South America.
Have lived in Rio de Janeiro, while having a tour business as a local operator and offering different travel services, and also worked on 5 stars cruise ships as a Hostess, in PR, orgnaizing events, parties, cocktails, games and other activities.

I have also worked free lance as a personal assistant in many ocasions, being able to solve all type of needs and requirements from foreigners traveling for fun or business.

I am trilingual, Spanish is my mpother tongue, English and Portuguese are fluent and also speak some Italian.
In the past years I got very involved with all type of tourist services in Buenos Aires, I am very well connected to different providers (reason why I get good rates and discounts) and have excellent knowledge of the city. Have good knowledge about real estate and apartments short rental.
I have excellent interpersonal skills, high socio-cultural level. Well educated and excellent personal apearance.
Very dinamyc, with resolving power, strong comunication and charisma flair and very liable and trustful.
Great at establishing new business relationships and extending the clients net.

Just to clarify: I am not a Tour Guide.

What I Offer:

This is a serious service offer, where fees will be adjusted to your budget and type of sevrces required.
I am an advisor and a coordinator. And as a personal assistant, very helpful, productive and efficient.

Here is a list of services that I can provide. Full information about your specific needs, your plans, expectations, goals, your preferences, your budget, the time in hours that you will be requiring the service, and kind of work you need me to do, is very necessary in order to provide the best service and arrange a fair price for you.

It is my goal to offer a service where you feel safe, in the right hands of a local who will make your experience exactly what you want it to be and take care of every detail. But also, if you come to Buenos Aires for business, or live here and your business is starting, I will work with you to get the best deals possible.

  • Local Business Personal Assistant. Generating contacts, organizing agenda, meetings, intermediary in making good deals when Spanish is a barrier. Interpreter. Specific research, Personalized service to run your business (business meetings, company for cocktail and buisiness meetings). Have access to Internet high speed working form home, Scanner, printer, local phone number.
  • Chaperone for different activities and tours in BA (BA night life: pubs and clubs for younger pax, best in the city, typical tourist areas, sharing dinner, showing you the city and experience it as a local, as an insider. (Full cultural and historical information only bu hiring a profesional tour guide)
  • Reservations, bookings, hiring travel services. Organization and coordination of your trip: acommodation, tours, restaurants, tango Shows, Apartments rental, spanish teachers, tango lessons, all information about best places to go.
  • Airport transfers. Shuttle service

Rates to be negotiated. Basically depending on the hours needed.
References available upon request.

Please contact [email protected]