Photographer & Videographer Wanted


Feb 16, 2008
Seeking to hire a professional photographer and a videographer skilled at shooting in low light events without flash or lights. I will be visiting in April and my goal is to hire for a few nights a photographer and a videographer to capture my experience at a few well known Tango milongas. It is extremely vital that the photographer and videographer can operate their equipement without too much disruption of the people attending the milongas. Wedding photographers and videographers, in general, know the drill. It would also be helpful if the photographer and videographer can assist me in seeking permission with the managements of these milongas to take pictures and video of me at the event.
Requirements: Speaks English, has own equipment, has an online gallery of previous work for me to preview, able to provide raw photos and video footage on DVD-R, be available to work from midnight to 03:00 in the morning with advance notice.
To get an idea of the results I am looking for, please visit
Hey hello
I'm a french professional photographer and your add interested me.
Perharps it's a bit late but i try.
here it is two website where you can see my photography.;=all the series from the tour

thank you

olivier Perez