Pilão Coffee?


mini said:
I just checked the Cabrales coffee that I buy does not have sugar. It's the purple package & it's about 2 pesos cheaper than the one with sugar... go figure.
I don't think I've ever even noticed a purple pack before, but I'm a bloke and everyone knows blokes never notice things unless the things come out and bite them:D. I presume this was a Chinese or a regular Disco/Carrefour/Coto kind of store? Anyway, I'll have a proper look next time. And thanks!


I buy the purple Cabrales coffee in my local Carrefour (they also have it at the Disco and fiambreria around the corner... it's everywhere). It's just fine for me and doesn't taste burnt. I like it MUCH better than Starbucks.


Ok, it's not purple. It's something between lilac & periwinkle.......
I got it at one of the Cotos on Scalabrini Ortiz.