PioPio needs help


Jan 5, 2009
ok, here goes- I need help or advice on how to transport a little sparrow from Buenos Aires to Bariloche
We are in the process of relocating and husband and sparrow were to arrive in the next few days to join kids, cat and I. However LAN have just told us that actually they don't do sparrows, just canaries.....
So, how do I get her to Bariloche? anybody driving this way willing to risk a small passenger?
(I can explain why I have a little sparrow in a cage, if you really want to know).
Tell LAN it is a grey canary from Tucumán. If the people working at LAN are porteños they surely won't say anything as they can not distinguish a parrot from an owl :)
Oooo I want to make jokes involving yellow spray paint or a map.

But. You can try sending it by micro. They call it encomienda. Ask in Retiro.
I did think of bluffing and colouring tactics ;) Still wondering if there just isn't another way though.