Places To Watch Futbol In Belgrano?


Sep 21, 2013
I'm new to the Belgrano neighborhood and am wondering where to go to watch futbol on TV. Watching matches in a bar/pub is so much more fun than watching at home. The neighborhood is filled with great cafes, but I haven't seen many bars. Any suggestions? I live near Cabildo and Plaza Belgrano.

Thanks in advance.
Belgrano (I live there too) isn't great for bars, better for cafes and restaurants. Since football para todos arrived most people watch at home. Some parillas in Nunez will likely have the River games on but cant think of an equivalent bar atmosphere to UK/ireland for football.

The Oldest on El Cano is a pub, decent inside, watched a few rugby matches inside but more often they have music on the big screen.
There is a cool trendy pub on the corner of Juramento and Liberatador with delicious and inventive cocktails and above average burgers, wings etc. They have important games on a big screen.
Local games. When in Rome...

If I were following my sport from home it would be college basketball, and I doubt I'll find much of that here when the season rolls around.