Polo games in Buenos Aires


Aug 24, 2009

I would be really interested in watching a Polo game in Buenos Aires. I already checked the Asociación Argentina de Polo website but didn't really find any useful information. How does it work i.e. what time/day are the games, where can you buy the tickets, how much do they cost and last but not least do you have to buy them in advance or do you just go there?
Would somebody be interested in joining?

Thank you for your help!

If you're talking about the Argentine Open which is played at the polo fields in Las Canitas, it will start mid-November. I always recommend you buy the package for the Open through ticketek. (Tickets will go on sale in early/mid Oct) You can also buy individual tix the day off for the earlier games but be warned that the semi-final & finals usually sell out (and can be very pricey).

Also, the Tortugas Open (at Tortugas Country Club in Pilar) just started last week and the Hurlingham Open (in Hurlingham natch) will be after that.

Otherwise, there are usually lower goal tournaments that will take place in Las Canitas after the Open.
It depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for top-level professional polo, the Tortugas Championship, which is the first leg of the polo triple crown, is going on now in Pilar, which is about 45 minutes northwest of town. If you're looking to find out what polo is all about, have a nice asado/barbecue lunch and maybe try getting on a (very gentle) horse yourself and trying to hit a ball, there's something I've had fun with. If anyone is interested, I could try to organize something for anybody interested in going as a group.
You are in the right place and at the right time for polo!

As Smirkypants said, the Tortugus Championship is going on now in the Tortugus Country Club. Today (Tuesday) La Dolfina is playing Chapa II at 4:00 PM. You can get tickets at the fields in the Club (exit Km 38.5 Panamericana). The tournament continues this weekend (Saturday and Sunday 4:00 PM) with the final on Saturday October 10. All weather permitting. Not only does it have to be not raining, but also the fields have to be dry to play.

The second leg of the “Triple Crown” is played in the Hurlingham Country Club (Hurlingham exit off the Camino del Buen Ayre) October 13 -31, 2009 (tickets available on the grounds) and the culmination; The Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo, is played in Palermo November 14- December 5, 2009. Tickets are not on sale for Palermo yet, should be through Ticketek soon. Seems like most people buy the abono (“season pass”), and many don’t go to the preliminary matches (stadium seems a bit empty) but an entrance to the Final is golden in this town. You can hobnob with the rich and famous.

With the polo field being a bit larger than 9 American football fields, Palermo, with stadium seating of more than 25,000 offers perhaps a better view, but when you stand on the ground (as you would almost anywhere else) by the boards, you get the opportunity to really “feel” the game.

Aside from the aforementioned tournaments, there are more than 250 polo fields just in the area of Pilar, General Rodriguez and neighboring Open Door (NW of the Capital). In an area called Pilar Chico (off ruta 28 between Pilar and General Rodriguez) you can find a concentration of dozens and dozens of fields in clubs including Ellerstina, Centauros, Polo One, La Indiana, Cuatro Vientos, Pilarchico, etc.

This time of the year, there are sure to be practicas Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and tournaments on weekends.