polo lovers


Mar 20, 2009
is Adolfo Cambiaso for real? How can a polo player be this good looking!
i went to see him play at the start of March at Palermo & was in awe of his talent! must admit have now become addicted to the sport.
in the UK, it is so elitest, being able to see so much at Palermo as well as get up close to the players was such a bonus. Now getting myself off to a polo school for 2 days! perhaps Adolfo may be teaching?!
I see your post didn't exactly draw a wealth of replies. However, you can probably organise a lesson with Adolfo at La Dolfina (his polo club in Canuelas) though it will cost a fair bit. He is currently in England for the high goal season, though not actually playing at the moment due to injury. He should be back in Argentina at the end of September. However there are lots of other places to take lessons either towards Canuelas or out Pillar way. I am arriving in October, intending to stay for 18 months (if not permenantly) but have been buying my horses in Argentina for 7 years, so let me know if you need any help or recommendations.

Is there a website where I can find out about what polo games are on in BA and when? I have friends visiting next week and they are interested in seeing a game.
Wrong time of year I'm afraid. All the top players are in the UK playing the Queen's Cup. However try the Argentine Polo Association for future reference; www.aapolo.com