Potential Job Or Info Request

French jurist

Hi everybody,

I'll receive in about a month 3 photo albums which contain 160 century albumen prints from the nineteenth century showing Argentina.

Problem is that the photos are glued on front & reverse of cardboards, inside the albums.

I know it's possible in Paris to find someone who knows how to "split" those cardboards in two, so that I can have individual photos.

But finding that here.. is another story. Photos are quite valuable of course (some are unique it seems) so they can't be damaged during the process.

I doubt someone here has the experience to do this job (needs to be perfect), but who knows, better ask!


An example (I'll scan them all, interesting stuff)



Very interesting! I hope you find someone. It would be a shame to lose these. Definitely for the hands of an expert only.


I'll watch this thread carefully, please share what you find. I have some old family photos from the 1890-1906 period that got wet and are stuck together. I keep hoping one day I'll find someone who can salvage at least some of them.

Rich One

Uhmm seems that Scanning the entire collection with a good quality scanner may be an option? to offer it via internet for collector$$.


I had a similar project w/ historic photos once. I submerged the pages in lukewarm water to detach, and then refixed them in 'fijador', washed them, then hung them to dry and then put them in special protective sleeves. Test one first though to make sure they were fixed well in the first place.


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