Prices in the supermarket


May 30, 2009
I went to Lider express in San Telmo. This is what I paid

Coca 1,5 liter 4,39
yogurt serenisma(0,20 cl) 2,49
Nivea soap 1,35
Deo Axe 7,96
Small marmenade 6,29
Speed(Local Red Bull) Can 3,29
Small bag of lays papas 3,95
Oranges per kilo 10,50

That would give you some idea of the prices. If you are from the US and earn in Dollars it would probally even out, if you earn in Euro's and are from Northern Europe it's probally a bit cheaper and if you are here and earn pesos you are screwed
Fortunately meat, wine and seasonal fruit and veg are great quality and dirt cheap.
Happy days!
Those oranges are buy are normally not of great quality but I use them for juice so they are fine for that
1 kilo oranges 10 pesos ??? something wrong there, I buy 2 kilos 4 pesos in Recoleta...
I don't know, the ticket is not really clear. I paid about 9 peso for a bag of oranges, I dont know what it weights but probally around 3 kilo. That would make around 3 peso the kilo
BlahBlah said:
I don't know, the ticket is not really clear. . . .
Rich man, if you can afford to buy without knowing the price!
Either way it does not say the price and you will only know it at the counter
I was surprised by your post, BlahBlah, I guess prices are higher in San Telmo. I went to Eki today in Almagro and bought 6 eggs, 1 liter of milk, 1 liter of yogurt, 1 kilo (I think) of flour, a package of baking soda, a big box of crackers and a bottle of bleach for A$19.25 (that included the 15 centavo fee that Eki charges for a plastic bag:rolleyes:). I'm sorry I can't give a breakdown of what each item cost, but that seemed like a pretty good deal to me for some staples (and I earn in pesos).

I have found that Eki, while not the prettiest of grocery stores, has some really good deals. And they routinely give me monedas without attitude (once they gave me $6 entirely in 1 peso coins. score!). I would never buy fruit or veggies there, though.