Prices in the supermarket


jp, you must be drinking rot gut. Prices for decent bottles are as expensive as they are in the US. Premium Argentine wines sell for less in the US than Argentina. They've got to compete with wine from all over the world.


If wines scoring a mere 90 points are "rot gut" then I guess you have a more refined palatte than me. Bottle of trumpeter or los alamos cost around 25 pesos in my local chino, and I'm happy with that. Nothing near that price in london.


Vital is kinda like Cosco, you can save a lot, but bigger sizes. I think there is one in Almagro. Also dirt cheap prices if you can get to Mercado central and buy in bulk, then maybe split with a friend.


I know that Coto's and Carrfour both have discount days...depends on which store but worth knowing about...I believe Monday's at CF 10% discount for seniors, over 62 or 65 ..same at Coto's on Wednesday's, you have to go to the front of the store and fill out a coupon for the checker to scan....Saturdays at Coto's is 10% for all credit cards...again check your area store as they are all not the same...Coto's seems to have the best prices on dry goods and such...produce and meat not the best most of the prices at your local veggie & butcher vendors.

Like the states have to know your prices and shop around if you can.

***if you have a local credit and/or debit card check out Coto's, everyday they have a different percentage off depending on which one you use...


Yes...forgot to mention that Carrefour has good meat and usually produce the Express Carrefour near us...I am sure the larger store has better selections.
Disco has great least the last time I was at the one near the train station in San Isidro...

Disco does "random" discount days...but with their receipts you can often get good discounts on your next grocery purchases....a friend has gotten 15 and 20 percent several times!

Blah Blah...I really can't give you prices I just know from when we used to only shop at Jumbo's to once in a while Coto's ...and now we shop the majority of items at Coto's and it's less....even with the increase in grocery's. Again, I am talking about items you buy on a regular basis...cheese, eggs, wine, flour, sugar, crackers, coffee, etc.. We shop every 2 weeks and over a month we save an extra 160 to 200 pesos going on discount days at Coto's...worth it for sure!!! Carrefour is a little more expensive on basic getting the 10% is almost normal prices :)


Evergreen, I would think that it's not hard to bring your ticket home with you and write down some of the prices. I would like to know it and I am sure that many more also like to know it

Maybe even some posters in the US/Europe/Australia can do the same for there shoppings


okay Blah-blah, . . . here goes, . . . today's prices in mid-Atlantic region of U.S. . . . it's true though, that prices can vary considerably, from store to store, here, just as in Bs. As., . . . we seem to be in a period of deflation, . . . which, in the long run, contrary to popular sentiment, is not good for an economy, . . . also, . . . I am not into processed foods, so I keep those purchases to a minimum, not because they are more costly ( that's just an added benefit), . . . but because they are much more tasty & healthy . . . :

fresh white mushrooms - 8 oz.(1/2 lb.) $1.96 (2.2 lb. = 1 kilo)

yellow onions - 3 lb. $2.04

Pacific cod (probably temporarily flash frozen but now like fresh) $6 lb.

fresh spinach - $2.65 lb.

dozen brown eggs - $1.70

fresh blueberries - $3 lb.

Vermont white very sharp cheddar cheese - 3 lb. $7.80

bottled lemon juice - 8 (fluid) oz. ( a little less than quarter of a liter) - $1.70

jar of pimiento stuffed olives - 8 oz. $3.15

This isn't much but maybe it can help put things in perspective, . . . the store card helps bring prices down, . . . it costs nothing, but keeps you running back to 'Their' store.

If you love good wine stay in Argentina, . . . there's no comparison here in "bang for your buck" when it comes to decent wine, . . . try some of the Patagonian pinot noirs, which generally require a cooler climate. They seem not to be discussed much in argentine wine forums. To equal a 20 peso wine in Bs. As. here in the U.S. we must shell out about $20 U.S. dollars.