Prilosec OTC - found BA version...


Feb 11, 2008
Just wanted to share a find with those of you that may use or might have used "Prilosec OTC" in the states and looking for it here. My husband has used it for years, well I found "Aziatop Omeprazol" and it is pretty much the same product. You can check out their website and hit the translate if you need to. He said they aren't as strong as the Prilosec OTC but work well.

Have seen it at several pharmacy's but the Zona Vital's we have gone into always seem to have it, behind the counter so need to ask for it.

They come 14 or 28 to a box and price is roughly 12 to 14 pesos for the 28 count box.

***please check with the pharmacist...I am not a Doctor but just wanted to pass on this information as I was thrilled to locate this product here.