Private Spanish teacher near San Telmo


Dec 28, 2009

I would like to find a private Spanish teacher (for two persons) for only two weeks. For only two weeks (3 times a week or something). I live in San Telmo. Can anyone recommend a good teacher or know somebody who is available for this period? What is the average cost per hour?

Thank you!
There are plenty of private teachers, the trick is too find a good one.

I have had private teachers here that i saw once or twice a week and would never have a schedule for me, and often would have to have my remind them of what we had gone over. That's terrible!

For myself, I believe it better to find a great teacher with a good word of mouth, or go to a local institute and hire private lessons from them. At least you know you will be in a school setting with experienced teachers and materials/equipment (stereo, tv) et.c.

I would recommend one institute that is located in the downtown centre, not far from San Telmo! Here is the LINK

Have fun in Buenos Aires!
I am a university professor in Buenos Aires, finishing my Ph.D. in education/applied linguistics in the US, and have more than 12 years's experience teaching Spanish to adults at all levels, including Business Spanish. I live close to San Telmo. If you'd like to pm me, I can answer any further questions that you have.
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