Products With Formaldehyde


Jun 18, 2005
That¡s right, embalming fluid! Everyone will have to make up their own mind about it but i was surprised to find formaldehyde in so many products i was using. Although it hasnt been used in many countries in years, Argentina still uses it because its cheap, to cut corners.
Sedal shampoo (pretty common here, has it in it), Doree hair gel that ive used for 3 years has it. When i did some looking around in the supermarket, i found it in many products, for example, Suave shampoo.
Another product of shampoos, etc. called SALVIA (i think i have that right) has a product, green shampoo, touted as natural "Now with Aloe)", well, it should say, "Now with formaldehyde!", but then what do i know about marketing. Oddly, just looking quickly i didnt find it in the other Salvia shampoos, just the "natural" one.
I found it in the liquid handsoap of the Farmacity brand.
I did internet research on the topic and a lot of studies have been done. Its been used in products like shampoo for years. when i asked friends and family back home to look at the ingredients for what they were using, not one person found it in it. Not uncommon in cleaning supplies either.
Important to read the labels here as anywhere else. I read labels back home, but i never buy anything here without reading the label the first time. I want to avoid Beef Fat--Grasa Vacuna) for one thing and its in so many products here (just about all cookies and crackers in the market). Fat and sugar, hard to avoid here. Formaldehyde? easier to avoid, if you decide you dont want to use it.
Veronica is right! Ive been buying Close Up toothpaste lately and just noticed it also has Formaldehyde in it. I dont want the kids using it now, so i threw it out. Keep checking labels here and let us know when you find it.
i checked online and sure enough, Close Up in the USA doesnt have formaldehyde. Here's the link to the ingredients in USA, Active Ingredients: per container: Sodium Monofluorophosphate (0.14%)

Inactive Ingredients: Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Water, Glycerin, SD Alcohol 38-B, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Chloride, Red 33, Red 40
At the risk of stating the obvious, I try hard not to
use wood with formaldehyde around my residence.
It outgasses for months and some of us are very
sensitive to formaldehyde.

I think formaldehyde tends to be used often in cabinetry.
Just came from a friends place. When i pointed out to her that the Close Up toothpaste and the Sedal shampoo she had in the bathroom both had formadehyde in it, she really freaked out. Her kids have been using it. The chemical is called FORMOL i believe in spanish.
Also shes semi vegetarian, pulling some packages off the shelf i found beef fat in just about half the stuff she had from cookies, to breakfast cake, to crackers. we call ibeef fat "tallow", in spanish its "grasa vacuna or grasa bovina, its a hard lard like substance.
Why, why do they use it she wondered. Because its cheaper, much cheaper, was my answer. Thats why theres so much artificial flavorings in food in argentina. cheaper than real fruit etc.
Word to all new arrivals, read labels here.
JG, haircolor and nailpolish also contains this ingredient.
I even saw a haircolor product that had this. It is banned in the US because it seeps into ones bones and nails. Formaldehyde is the ingredient used to embalm the dead and preserve organs and tissues for medical studies, imagine that!! The damage it can do to root follicles is horrendous. And that goes to product names you might recognize in the US as well for when products are specifically not made for the US market - the ingredients used are not FDA regulated; that is where the cutting corners and using cheap and hazardous chemicals as fillers come in.
People think I am nuts for bringing my own toothpaste, shampoo hair color, nail polish, etc from the US to BsAs. There are just things I do not intend to gamble with and HEALTH is one of them.
Thank you for the reminder JG.
Thanks JG for making us aware of this serious issue. I have to agree that there is a tendency here to dilute and use cheap ingredients to save money.
Fruit juices here are very poor quality using maybe 10 percent juice and still they are expensive .
Hello everyone,
Just found it in "Palmolive Naturals" liquid soap.
Nivea and Rexona don't have it.
Maybe we should all start using informaldehyde instead.:D

From todays headlines...............................

So of course, its not just here that companies are trying to use super cheap chemicals that could be harming us just to make a bigger profit. i wouldnt give kids close up toothpaste or buy the liquid hand soap. many people wont be aware of it, so i hope ive warned a few people with these posts.
We should all read labels wherever we are. you never know whats in there. i looked at a common mint today, D.R.F. brand, comes in a roll, very common. it has Vaseline in it. i guess its probably fine, but who would have guessed finding vaseline in the candy!
Im just curious, did any of you new or recently new arrivals know about the beef fat, that its in so many products here??
i met someone today who didnt know the coffee she bought had ground sugar in it even though it says so right on the front of the package, not even in small print but right there.
This is a interesting topic and one that should concern us all . Its a worldwide problem it seems and once again human health is completely disregarded for quick profits.
I myself have decided to not use any of the products mentioned by JG above and will make sure that I read the labels carefully