Proof of source of funds - Rentista visa


I have suggested using funds in an irrevocable trust for many years, but I don't know of anyone else who has applied for and received the "visa rentista" using one.

When I first applied for temporary residency in 2006, I provided a copy of the trust with a cover letter from the lawyer who set it up and that letter was notarized and received the Apostille. I also provided a letter written by a bank officer that verified the monthly deposits form the trust and that letter was also notarized and received the Apostille. I did not provide any verification from a CPA, but that is likely to be required now.

If you have passive income from a business that can be verified by a CPA and the CPA can believably "confirm" that the income will continue in the future, you might be able to avoid locking up your savings in a trust.

I am not absolutely certain, but I think migraciones only asks to see "proof" of the income for two months prior to submitting your application for temporary residency. This would obviously be difficult if a trust has not yet made any monthly distributions. it was not an issue for me as I had been receiving monthly distributions from my trust for over five years when I applied for temporary residency in Argentina.

PS: Others have suggested consulting a lawyer, but you might have to be in Argentina just to find one who would take your case. Either way, I would expect them to ask for a hefty fee in advance, with no guarantee of success.
This works.

Trusts are the way forward.

Good Luck! ;)