Property registry


Oct 23, 2009
Three years ago I sat, jet-lagged and surrounded by suits, in a bank conference room somewhere on Alem. The escribano was the builder's escribano, -this being a legal requirement when purchasing a newly-built condo I was told.

He proceeded to read aloud the escritura in a manner that made me think he was going to charge me by the hour. Afterwards, I signed on the dotted line, pushed a bag full of $100 bills across the table and got a set of keys in return.

I picked up my copy of the escritura from the escribano a few months after.

I have since seen my name on the monthly sheet of 'expensas' being slid underneath my door once a month. Once a year, I get to pay my 'Rentas Ciudad' for 'alumbrado barrido y limpieza'. All documents arrive with my name on them.

Now; I should be happy if it weren't for the fact that I was born completely and utterly paranoid. Recent stories of increasing incidents of real estate fraud in other parts of the world are fanning the flames.

How do I know if the escribano did his job properly? How do I know if I am listed correctly, as the sole owner, in the city's property registry? Has someone tried to put a lien on my condo? etc., etc.

Where does one go to get an official transcript of the property registry?

Thanks, -and keep looking over your shoulders.

Hi,my name is henry nisental and a i am a local civil engineer and also a have us citizenship (but born here).
There is a city goverment office in venezuela street between 9 de julio and salta st. I think that keeps all these records. It cost 10 u$s or so to get a record. If you can not do it i could help you for free, i can do it because i am a civil engineer. Call me at 4687-1604
good luck henry
The city gvmt. office HenryNisental mentioned is the Registro de la Propiedad Inmueble The address is Venezuela 1135 and you have to request the "Informe numero 1". If you have doubts you can check their FAQ or just ask here. I can also help you get it.
Thank you both for your replies.

Your information is very much appreciated.