Jul 15, 2008
Any creative thoughts on what my son could make into a jack-o-lantern? I saw one squash at my corner stand that was somewhat pumpkin like, but way too small. I had them speak to their buyer about getting some really big ones, but we had no luck. Anything remotely pumpkin-like will be appreciated (I'm willing to spray paint something orange).
I would suggest going to Jumbo's...they usually have a large selection of different types of squash...and it seems to me some that could pass as a pumpkin...shape wise.
I remember seeing orange pumpkins last year in jumbo or disco. There's also a green squash known as calabaza that is shaped like a pumpkin (not the zapllito of course) and the sizes are much bigger than the butternut squash. They can easily be carved.
Pumpkin is very difficult to find here.

Maybe a watermelon? But your son would look like stewie from "family guy" hehe. Bad idea! (just a joke).

Maybe closer to the end of the month certain supermarkets like Jumbo might have some. I know that here Halloween is not big, but some stores in Once (on Lavalle st.) might have some plastic pumpkin to use instead.

Good luck!

Hi nledec,

I found the places I was telling you about. They are called "casas de cotillon" here. These are the links to their websites:




Both of these stores are on Lavalle st. The only thing with this neighborhood is that you will have to make your way through the crowds, and also be aware of your stuff (well, like everywhere else). If you are not into walking among street vendors and things like that I wouldn't recommend you to show up there.

If I come across with real pumpkins somewhere I'll let you know.
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