Pura Buenos Aires


Jan 2, 2007
So the apt I was looking at fell through. I came across an apt on this website that I really like but I don't know anything about the company. Can anyone tell me about them (are they legit, etc).
Hi, I have never heard of this agency before. Have you checked on indextar.com/ba to see reviews about it? There are so many apartments for rent in Buenos Aires, craigslist is also a good place to check.If I can be of any help let me know.Good luck.
Yes, I checked on indextar & they didn't have any info. I actually found the apt on craisglist. They seem to have a good selection of apts & their prices are reasonable but I had never heard of them before which I find a little worrisome...
Hi again Citygirl:I have never heard of this agency either. Alot of agencies post on craigslist b/c its free publicity. I saw the prices they are ok (a bit high but rents are going up in BA), the agencies generally add on 20% commission so if an apartment is $900 US the landlord is actually getting $720. You can always ask to go to their office and see what their stock is, etc.