Pura Vida Juice Bar Grand Opening!!!


Pura Vida Juice Bar will officially open its doors on Monday, April 2nd. We are located on 1489 Uriburu (entre French y Pena), in Recoleta. We offer smoothies and fresh squeezed juices, healthy salads and sandwiches, and various organic products and foods. Please stop by and experience Buenos Aires' first authentic juice bar. Check out our menus below. Smoothies/Juices
Salads, Sandwiches, ect.


Great idea, guys!

I also always wanted to find a place where you can make your own ensalada de frutas mixing fruits of your choice. Not explaining to a waiter what types of fruits you want it to include - all these additional options are confusing and it is difficult to make up your mind, but mixing them yourself. Kind of like a salad bar concept. But in any case it is so nice to have some alternatives to cafe con medialunas :)