Q: shipping a car


Jun 6, 2005
Your website is very helpful, lots of good info, but I do have one question. Would you have any idea how much it would cost to ship a car from texas or florida to buenos aires? Im in the process of getting my pensionado visa and Im not sure if I should ship my car or just sell it, thanks for any info.
john g
I would suggest to you to sell your car in the U.S. as import taxes are 85% of the car's value. I say this as I am in the same situation as you, although I am trying to bring it in from Chile, where I live at the moment. Apparently the only way to avoid this tax is if you are bringing the car in as a diplomat.
I didn't bring my car from Miami because the import tax was incredibly expensive. Another thing to consider is if you have a car that will be easy to service and that parts will be readily available for. I would recommend you sell your car before coming here. I don't know where you plan on living, ie. Capital, suburbs, etc, but you may or may not even need a car depending upon where you live. Now for the rough part, whether you bring your car and pay the nasty import tax, or buy a car here, be prepared to spend money either way. I had a relatively new Honda CVR that I sold before moving. The same car here costs 2x what it did in Miami! So either way if you have a car you have to cough up the money somewhere. And even if you choose to buy something older cars retain their value here and hence their price is equivalent. One final thing, if you do decide to buy, you'll need to get your CDI before you can buy so make sure your visa papers are all ready to go and that you've already been to the AFIP office...they want to make sure you pay your tax on the purchase ;-)