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Jan 13, 2010
Hi there,
My only other experience of forums is as a doula - woman experienced in pregnancy, labour and birth who is hired as a birth partner - in London and I guess this is similar to the community of fellow doulas back home in terms of having much in common and info to swap.
I am 36 journalist-turned-doula from London, here with my family of husband - TV producer - and two girls, aged four and six.
We are on (unpaid!) sabbatical and travelling round South America and wondering how long we might stay. Have been travelling for two months in Brazil, Uruguay and now Argentina and love BsAs so far - of course!
Currently living in a tower block complex in Villa Crespo where the pool and playground downstairs are pleasing our kids greatly.
Have posted re reliable bbsitters and going out for a drink with the ladies.
An option we're considering here is running a "pop up" restaurant in our next rental. Back in London we host tonnes of dinner parties as my husband loves cooking and is pretty good at it - not to mention making cocktails - and I just like chatting to interesting people.
Anyway, that's about the size of it. Look forward to chatting.
Welcome Keely and family,

There are many closed-door restaurants in BsAs that have a fair level of success once they're known. The two big issues are 1) getting yourself known and 2) offering something people want.

If your husband can prepare meals that we can't get in restaurants here - think ethnic - and if you charge a reasonable price (fairly standard is 100 pesos for a 3 course menu and wine or beer, you could charge more with cocktails) AND if your apartment is pleasant and big enough, then you might have something.

Search the forum for "closed door restaurants" to see what else has been said. Here are some links to up-and-running ones in the city; it seems like a friendly and close community of chefs so you could start here for advice.

http://www.alittlesaigon.com/ (Awesome American couple, Thuy was born in Vietnam and cooks like her mom or so she says; I'm sure she would be happy to chat with you)



Good luck, and let us know what you come up with!

What's missing - especially since Amaranta closed is decent place to go for Sunday brunch - with all the fixins'.