Quien quiere practicar Castellano?

Hola hola. I have a Castellano tutor a couple days a week, but that leaves 5 more days that I should be practicing. If anyone wants to get together for some coffee and speak Castellano, let me know. I´m around Palermo area. Hay mucho que necesito aprender!
Hola! I´d love to meet up over coffee and practice spanish with you. I´ve been here for a while now, and my spanish is quite good, so I can help you with any questions you have! But I´m also looking to meet up with other foreigners once in a while - you go insane if you don´t!my emails EyezOnMe15@hotmail.com send me a message! un beso,Kay
Hi there Kay and Josh,
We practice Castellano for Expats, at the ClubEuropeo, http://www.clubeuropeo.com
every Wednesday from 7-9pm.
Great place to meet other expats and locals too.
There are also many other activities some in English such as the So to Speak, where we often go out in a group, for dinners, movies, and other events, such as at Embassies.

Please mail or call me if you need any more info


Hope you can come,
UPDATE: We meet tomorrow as every Wednesday but as a bonus, there is also a monthly cocktail party, "happy hour" type gathering right after Castellano chat. "
2 for the price of one!!!!
Well actually the chat is $10 pesos (includes a beverage), and the Euro Lounge is slightly more, but also includes beer or champaign