rabies shot


Feb 26, 2010
Anyone know where to get a rabies shot in Buenos Aires? I've never used the health system here. I got into it with a overly friendly coatis in Iguazu yesterday and it seems best to be safe than sorry. Thanks for the help. Frank
yeah i just got a tetanus shot yesterday from climbing over a fence at the carnaval. The place to go is called Dr. Stamboulian, they have a few locations which you can check here www.stamboulian.com.ar .
For tetanus it was 40 pesos and took five minutes.
Great, thanks very much. Will go first thing tomorrow.
In fact, the week-long rabies series is only for people who have never been inoculated. I was given a prophylactic three-shot series during Peace Corps Morocco training in 2006. Thus in my case only a booster shot was necessary.

Just in case anyone is interested, Dr. Stamboulian turned out to be a very good option. In Argentina a rabies inoculation requires a consultation with a medico and a prescription. The visit to the Stramboulian Bario Norte office was 150 pesos and booster shot the at the Pacheco de Melo facility was another 50 - a pretty good deal in my view, especially since the doctor discovered a secondary bacterial infection that I didn't even know was there. That was a definitely a skanky little coati...