Rainy Day Options For Toddlers


Feb 8, 2009
Looks like rain tonight and tomorrow, and we're wondering where to take little EdRooney, Jr.

Not to be rude, but we're sooooo sick of the Plaza del Carmen type places where the food is a couple of grades below inedible, and wicked expensive to boot.

We do go regularly to the Children's Museum in Abasto, but I couldn't help think there must be something else to do on rainy days with toddlers.

Any ideas?
On rainy days we usually end up having friends with kids over or head to someone elses (or abuelas). Burns a few hours of the afternoon.

But here's a list of options:

You can take them to the play centres at Unicenter or Dot, expensive but if you're desperate, anything's worth it, haha.

I haven't taken mine yet to prohibido no tocar, not sure what age it is for, also tomorrow a holiday so probably closed?

Kids also tend to love walking in the rain, i've got boots for mine so even that burns a bit of time. Is yours still napping?

You can even just take your kid to a regular cafe with music (we've taken ours to a place that has live jazz off of Plaza Saavedra, he has a bit of a dance and a media luna and is a happy boy). Or go have mate / coffee at Las Cholas and they can draw with crayons for a bit.

You don't have to limit yourself to the places with peloteros. If you're willing to pay the money you can go to places like Marcelo -- expensive but also pretty family friendly, there's always tonnes of them about. We also do Tucson / Kansas with the tablet in tow. (There's a Tucson at DOT, expensive night but burn them out on the rides at the play centre, rent them a little push cart car to "drive" around the mall in, and finish with ribs etc at Tucson downstairs.).

Other links:

http://www.revistaplanetario.com.ar/ (has a whole bunch of paseos / teatro / actividades)
Mega thanks citygirl, there's alot of great info there! Just one quick question: regarding the play areas at Dot and Unicentre, do you know if they are basically like "Neverland" at Abasto?
Yes, bqasically the advantage of Dot or Unicenter over Abasto would be nicer dining options. In fact I have the cards for both DOT and Unicenter, but not sure which one is for which, one is Aventura and one is Neverland, you'd have to google which is which. Bloody expensive aren't they, and crazily noisy.
Ed you can also look and see what there is in the theaters on Corrientes. There is always something live show for kids to go to and watch and it's a good option on rainy day for entertainment.
I'm also thinking of Las Olas Boulevard that is on LIbertador in San Isidro. It's got a big pelotero downstairs that is incredibly nice and they also have pretty decent food. You can leave your kid downstairs while you eat and enjoy the spouse. The food is not overpriced and they have some U.S. style plates.