Re: Are Aerolineas Argentinas Planes ex-Areoflot?


Jun 2, 2006
Aerolineas Argentinas has a quite clean safety sheet. The planes
they are flying are quite old (depending on the route...most 747 flying
to Spain are old, the A340 flying to SYD are quite new) but well kept.
No screens, video games, etc (what isn't very least you are
sure the pilot won't be distracted that easily).The crew is usually very friendly. By the way, Aeroflot has a quite good safety record as well (they are as good or as bad as any other european airlines now). The many accidents you heard of were mostly by lack of maintenance in regional russian airlines that split up from Aeroflot.
Safe... probably. Late... definitely. Late, late, late, late, late, late, late.
Fly LAN if you can!
  1. 4 February 1970; Aerolineas Argentinas BAe 748; near Corrientes, Argentina:
    The aircraft entered a steep dive and crashed a few minutes after a
    night takeoff with severe thunderstorms in the area. All four crew
    members and 33 passengers were killed.
  2. 20 February 1992; Aerolineas Argentinas 747; en route to Los Angeles from Argentina: One passenger died of food poisoning.
aerolineas argentineas overall is a excellent airline with great aircraft and professional service. I highly recommend them
yes, most of Aerolineas fleet is quite old. They need to make some changes urgently if they want to compete with LAN or other airlines. Some of the F/A's are nice and cute, though.
Since May last year i've done the BsAs/Madrid/Barcelona run 7 times. I must be crazy, but it had to be done.
My first time flying to BA last May was with Iberia and I loathed it. Not because of the plane or the crew, but simply because I was afraid of flying. Even getting dosed up on Diazepam and wine didn't help that much, although it did numb the awful sensation that I was about to die any moment, which helped.
Anyway the Iberia crew were ok, the plane was passable and the food was...well just about edible. The thing I didn't like was that they didn't allow you to help yourself to coffee/orange juice during the flight. It was a bit like being in school really. So by the time we were over Uruguay I was literally champing at the bit to get off. Which I would have done given half the chance.Knowing that my sweetheart from 76 was waiting for me at ezeiza was all that kept me sane really. You can imagine the euphoria we felt at arrivals! Pretty much indescribable....
I digress.When I returned to Madrid that June, I went AA, but can't remember much about the flight, but I do remember that the crew were very pleasant and you could eat and drink as much as you wanted. All the other flights are just a blurr except the last one in April this year. I went Iberia, left Madrid at 12 noon, had sun all the way and the plane was brand spanking new and half empty. It was a wonderful flight, and when I arrived i felt as fresh as a daisy.
I think I may have overcome my fear of flying now. I just consider it a necessary evil and have no plans to fly anywhere in the near future.
There safety record is one of the best, but that is as far as it goes. I have done the london madrid buenos aires and back three times now, and every time it got worse.
The final straw was a forteen, yes forteen hour delay on the return journey. The outward was not much better that was a six hour delay and on landing they could not get the luggage off the plane, delaying our arrival another hour and a half.
When I complained they said "see your ticket agent"
I belive that it is no longer an argentine airline, that Iberia have bought it and are running it down. Something they seem to have been doing quite sucsessfully.