Re: Birthday party quotes?


Sep 24, 2007
Mrs. NJ Caramelo, I am not sure what kind party and for how many people you want. As for Salon, there are, Gascon y Cordoba, Gascon y Soler, I am nor sure the other street but a half street from Santa Fe near from Puerredon _turn from the corner of Burger King and and also you can ask to fast food restaurants and Shopping Centers. You can check more in Planetario maganize which find in kindergardens or Cotillon shops like Tuti Frutti.
As for the price, I held one in Mcdonalds -las heras y coronel diaz on this April ; 400 pesos and one in Burger King -santa fe and vidt on this May ; 600 pesos aprox. for around 20 friends of 5 and 6 years old and around 5 moms who had coffees and medialunas and some wanted to pay by themselves. They were good and decent party with some ladies as animadoras, nothing to do for me.If you want you can carry more cotillons like Bengala and cake decoration, etc. I think in Salon it costs more and you have to work a little, so I am thinking for next year because my dauthers get greater for fast food like Museo de los Ninos in Abasto.