Re: Daycare/Preschool????


Aug 10, 2006
"NJCaramelo" said:
Thank goodness for this site! We just moved to BA from NJ. I am looking for a good school for my 3 year old son from March. We live near Alto Palermo. Also, any other suggestions on activities for kids in BA area is desperately needed! Being Japanese, I also would like to find good authentic Sushi in this area. Gracias!
Hello Caramelo! (nice nick btw) My husband is from NJ. Wecome to BA. YOu will notice that there are many japanese descendnts in the city, here are a few useful links

This japanese restaurant is close to Alto Palermo - and is very gooooood!
Here is a full list of japanese and sushi restaurants in the city

Here is another list with places that deliver

If you like to roll your own sushi, you can buy nori, rice, and all asian product at the Chinese Neighbourhood in Belgrano, it is located on Arribeños and Juramento.

Regarding a school for your son, there are many kindergartens in the area where you live. These are the ones I know have good reputation ( my son is 12 yo ) so there may be others I don´t know!

Billinghurst 2478 - CAPITAL FEDERAL (011) 4802-5221

I'll ask some friends who live in your area about preschool-daycare. I live in San Isidro and we have a number of bi-lingual schools here. My daughter is attending an excellent bi-lingual pre-school but unfortunately I dont thing its pracital to schlep your kid up this way. There are countless kids activities and I find the area to be extreemly kid friendly. As for activities, try taking your son to Temaiken which is a theme park like zoo in Escobar. The BA zoo is nearby and excellent for kids as well. I'll post more activities for kids in your area as they come to mind.
Good luck on the Sushi thing! Seriously, I have yet to find ANY authentic Asian food here of any kind but I'm told it does exist. I've tried countless sushi restaraunts and have never found one even passable.
"BAJay" said:
I live in San Isidro and we have a number of bi-lingual schools here.
Hi BAJay, would you pls tell me what are some of the best and affordable bi-lingual schools in the area of San Isidro? How much they cost per month for an elementary student? I plan to move to San Isidro in the near future. Thanks.
One important question is do you have a boy or a girl? Not every school is co-ed so this will probably play out in your decision making process. Generally the pricing for most of these schools are around the US$500 mark give or take a couple of hundred. Also if you are interested in a religious or secular school could make a difference as well. The following is a preliminary list of schools in and around the San Isidro area. You can google the school names to get more information and exact addresses.
Saint Andrews - CoEd - is the best (however incredibly competitive) and most expensive.
Michaelham (Olivos) - All Girls - Better pricing but sure how much.
Saint Mary of the Hills - (this is where my wife went to school and is currently an english teacher.)
Lincoln School - I dont believe this is a bi-lingual school. Has a reputation as the best English school in GBA. Full of expat kids.
Looking forward to having you as a neighbor. Please let me know if you need any more information.