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"Gearjammer" said:
edit: Funny comment about the southern rednecks. But rednecks in general, throughout the U.S., seem to me to be more aligned with the Democrats than Republicans except on gun-control and gay rights. I know, I work with a lot of them. You may have more in common with rednecks than you'd like to think.
I know. And in fact, I don't use the term in a pejorative way. I wonder if you've seen Jim Goad's book, "The Redneck Manifesto?" It occupies pride of place on my shelves. As an aside, what red-blooded, gun-totin', whisky-drinking redneck is going to vote for an empty suit like John Kerry, or a cold, calculating, opportunistic harridan like Hillary Clinton?
I realize you were not disparaging rednecks. And I had not heard of the "Redneck Manifesto," but just a read a review. It sounds like the author hits a lot of good points. This one especially that was mentioned in the review, "he shows how 'white cash' has always pitted 'white trash' against blacks with a divide-and-conquer ploy." You know, a lot of folks in redneck land liked Bill. The economy was good, most importantly, and they thought it was cool he had sex in the Oval Office (those rednecks who are not practicing Christians, and a lot aren't). But I agree that I don't think they will go for Hillary. There could be some sexism involved here, but they're not all that way. They won't go for Kerry either.
For the record, I'm not a redneck though I'm in a redneck profession. Went to private school, country clubs, and grew up in the city. So most of them don't like me either. But I guess they're part of that swing-vote for either the Rep.'s or Dem's.
"Gearjammer" said:
You know, a lot of folks in redneck land liked Bill. The economy was good, most importantly <snip>
Just though I'd address a few more points before I forget. First, the political spectrum we're supposed to be on opposite sides of is a fabrication of mass media and the shadowy interests behind them. Thus, Ralph Nader gets shunted onto the extreme left and Pat Buchanan to the extreme right. Yet it seems they're agreed on quite a number of things such as non-intervention internationally, and protection of workers' jobs and rights in the USA.
Bill's profession was to make himself liked, and he was good at it. But the "booming economy" for which he takes credit wasn't really his doing (though he's not shy about claiming credit for either that or the "22m new jobs.") The hemorrhage of good jobs to offshore locations (Mexico, China) continued unabated during his tenure, as did the concomitant decline in real pay (except for a brief period during the late '90s). The "boom" was really a speculative bubble, which GWB inherited.
It's an interesting question as to why voters in the American heartland vote Republican when it goes against their economic interests; Thomas Frank wrote an interesting book, titled "What's the Matter with Kansas," which argues that Republicans focus on social issues like gay rights and abortion and hence snare voters. Don't know how plausible this argument is.
Thanks Maskow, just joined.
Perhaps we can do from here what many are not doing from anywhere: Take action!