Re: Ice cream cake help?


Apr 5, 2007
Sorry to say but I don't anyone that makes it that large, however when it comes to BA, you got think creatively. How about laying the 3 cakes together somehow and writing the birthday wishes with one word per cake or there are also those mini chocolate covered ice cream individual bar looking things and making a pyramid with one top, all covered in sprinkles and various levels of candles. Just a thought.
I sometimes tend to kill myself looking for that specific thing when really I can make my life easier by just reworking it somehow.
Or you can ditch the ice cream and i know this girl that makes fabulous cupcakes!
Best of Luck!!!!!!
Hmm some years ago there was a Baskin and Robins that used to sell those, now I don´t know of any place that make them really ( this could be a good business idea btw )nik
Dulce de leche, possibly the worst thing to come out of Argentina. For my wife's birthday in April someone supplied a very nice chocolate cake. If I can find where it came from I will post it here.