Re: Mendoza Accomodation?


May 27, 2007
The "Hotel San Fransisco" and The Park Hyatt have both been highly recommended to me. I am curious to hear about where you are stating for possible later use.Have a buen viaje!
I always stay at the Argentino Hotel address is Espejo 455

On the main plaza in Mendoza, just around the corner from the much more expensive Hyatt. Modern, clean and great staff. Rooms start at around $40USD a night including breakfast.

Website: Outside Mendoza you might try these links to small inns are much more expensive but offer very nice locations and rooms. If they truly want a 5 star experience have them check the Cavas Wine Lodge, very expensive but worth every centavo!! this helpssuerteSAM
I'm going to Mendoza in a few weeks with a friend and we are looking for more affordable accomodations. I have contacted some of Lonely Planet's suggested hotels and hostels, but I have read some unfavorable reviews online and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Has anyone stayed at Zamora Hotel? Any suggestions or advice is greatly apprecited!
LauraG said:
I'm going to Mendoza in a few weeks ... Has anyone stayed at Zamora Hotel? Any suggestions or advice is greatly apprecited!
I know this is very late response, but in case somebody searches and find the thread through the title:

There are some noise at Zamora about every three hours, when the old shift moves out and the new one moves in - same goes for the equally properly named "Residencial Venus" across the street.

Argentino Hotel:
which SamBsAs recommend and the next door
San Martín:
are both fine and reasonably priced - San Martín beeing some 30-40 pesos cheaper.

I you are staying in MDZ for a week or more (you may try for even 3 or 4 days, especially during low season ), seeking affordable accomodations, I recommend one of the many departamentos priced as 1* or 2* hotels, but mostly very modern, reasonably well equipped including kitchen & utensils + servicio de mucama 2 or 3 times a week.

Expect around AR$ 80-100/day non-high season.

Try e.g.
Laura G-

We stayed at Plaza Italia, which was recommended by Lonely Planet, and we loved it. The room was 80 USD/night, clean and comfortable, and the family that ran it went out of their way to make us feel welcome. They even served us breakfast early on the mornings we left for tours.

~ Jenn
I highly recommend for hotel-equivalent furnished apartments by the night, week, or month. Their apartments are scattered around the central area and come handsomely furnished with fully-equipped kitchens, LCD TVs, and fine linens for the price of a decent hotel. The people who run the operation are friendly and knowledgeable. And as expat Americans, they speak perfect English!

If you must have hotel services, a brand-new alternative to the Park Hyatt is the Diplomatic Park Suites, a new tower on the Avenida Belgrano a few blocks from the main square. Prices are USD 100-200/night, considerably less than the Hyatt, and the place is quite special. The main restaurant is a branch of La Bourgogne (which was having some start-up glitches when we visited a couple months ago).